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Less Pain. Less Discomfort. The Laser Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery!

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Gum Disease and Your Health

Gum disease has been linked to a variety of health complications including heart disease and low birth-weight babies. Until now the majority of the treatment options available were invasive and painful. LANAP® is minimally invasive and does not require the cutting or stitching of the gums!

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Learn More About Gum Disease

Laser Gum Surgery in Plainville, CT

It is not uncommon for patients with periodontal disease to avoid gum surgery out of a fear of pain and discomfort. Long surgeries and lengthy recovery periods also add to the stigma that surrounds the procedure. Luckily, patients of Dr. David Edelson can now receive laser gum surgery inPlainville, CT. New procedures, such as the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), offer a less invasive and minimally painful alternative to traditional gum surgery.

How does it work?

Whereas traditional gum surgery uses a scalpel to cut away tissue and remove bacteria, LANAP® uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to vaporize tissue and eliminate the infection in a manner that is minimally painful. Additionally, the laser is able to identify diseased tissue based on color and tint. This means that it does not harm bone, teeth, or healthy tissue, resulting in a significantly smaller chance of inflicting harm to these areas. In fact, LANAP® can actually stimulate regrowth to help reverse any damage that has been caused by the infection. This is how LANAP® not only treats gum disease, but heals tissue as well.

What are the benefits of LANAP®?

Patients who opt for laser gum surgery will receive several benefits. Some of these include:

  • Minimal pain – LANAP® uses a laser instead of a scalpel to remove diseased tissue in a less invasive manner.
  • Less bleeding – The laser can also be used to form blood clots and stop tissue from bleeding.
  • Faster healing time – The laser does not affect your teeth or healthy tissue, resulting in a shorter recovery period.
  • Less recession – Laser gum surgery does not remove healthy tissue from the gum line, minimizing the occurrence of gum recession.
  • Prevention of tooth loss – LANAP® can actually stimulate the regrowth of support structures that hold your teeth in place, helping to prevent future tooth loss.

If you have been avoiding gum surgery due to a fear of pain or long recovery period, we can help. To learn more about laser gumsurgery in Plainville, CT contact Dr. Edelson and schedule your consultation today!